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Ways to Make Christmas Morning Super Magical

Tips for Creating Christmas Morning Magic in Your Home

There’s no doubt about it, having children around at Christmas makes it a super magical occasion. From the anticipation of the big day through to the squeals of delight on Christmas morning, there really is something special in their air at this time of year.

But although Christmas is already really exciting for children, there are ways of turning the magic up a few notches to bring a real sense of enchanted wonder to their holiday!

This year why not create a few lasting memories and perhaps start a few family traditions with these Christmas morning tips:

  • Jingle bells: Leave a few bells in the garden and when your little one finds them, say that they must have fallen from Santa’s sleigh on the way back to the North Pole!
  • Foot prints: A classic is to take some wellingtons and sprinkle talcum powder around them to leave footprints coming in and out of the house. Your little one will be super impressed that Santa walked through their house! You could even leave a boot in the fireplace and claim that Santa must have dropped it on his way out!
  • Videos: For the older children who are less likely to believe in Santa, there are plenty of apps available these days that can give you “video evidence” that Santa was in your living room!
  • Lights and music: For a truly magical Christmas morning, make sure that all of the twinkling LED lights are on and there are Christmas songs playing in the background.
  • Christmas breakfast:Christmas is all about indulging in naughty treats, so let the children have an extra special breakfast of chocolate and sweets, or North Pole pancakes!

Of course, Christmas morning wouldn’t be the same without opening a present or two – so even if you want to leave the bulk of the present opening until later in the day, let them have a couple of items first thing in the morning as a magical treat!

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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