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Tricks for Getting Your Kids to Clean Up After Themselves

Secrets to A Tidier Home

We have all been there – an hour or so spent cleaning the house only for the children to create a whirlwind of mess just seconds later.

While it’s totally acceptable that children make mess, it’s just what they do, it’s also acceptable to teach them how to clear up behind themselves.

Their brains actually crave this kind of order, so by teaching them to clear up you won’t just be heling yourself, you’ll be helping their brains to grow!


Prepare them

Once you’ve decided it’s time to clear up, give them advance warning that this is going to happen. 5 more minutes then it’s time to tidy up!


Start small

If your little one gets overwhelmed by the amount of mess, ask them to start by putting all of the stuffed toys into a storage bag. Then take a short break and make a start on the Lego bricks.

Lead by example

Show your child how to clear up by cheerfully putting things away and demonstrating that it is a fun thing to do.


Make it into a game

Make it fun by having your child count the objects that they put away or by saying the colours of each object.

Before you know it, you’ll have a super clean house!

You can thank us later…

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