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Top Tips to Help Your Baby Love Bath Time

Relax Your Little One with the Perfect Bath

Although bath time tends to be something that most babies enjoy, there are always times when they might need a bit of extra persuasion to get squeaky clean!

But bath time doesn’t have to be stressful for parents and baby.

Whether you are bathing them in the tub or the kitchen sink, there are plenty of ways to help your little one feel safe and less frightened of the water.


Be prepared

If your little one gets frightened of the bath, its best to have everything ready in advance. Lay out fresh towels, nappies, and clean clothes so that you don’t have to frantically scramble around for them if your baby gets upset.


Get in the bath

Nothing is going to make your baby feel safer than you. Get in the bath with your little one to show them that there is nothing to be afraid of.


Use bubbles

Not only are bubbles a great visual and aural stimulant for your little one, they also help to clean all of those hard to reach places!  


Have a routine

Sticking to a regular nightly routine will get your baby used to what is coming next. Bath time followed by warm pyjamas, milk, and bed will soon be something they look forward to.


Use a bathing aid

Using a floating bathing aid such as this Floaty Bath Mat will get your baby used to the feel of the water while feeling completely supported. It will also leave your hands free to wash them!

Happy splashing!


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