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The Different Sleeping Positions of Babies

Why Do Babies Sleep the Way They Do?

As any parent knows, it is possible to spend hours staring at your baby while they sleep. Of course, only once you’ve managed to get some of your own shut-eye, that is!

Not only do we get the reassurance that our baby is perfectly fine as they dream of milk and playtime, but we also notice the way that they sleep.

There are lots of different ways that babies like to take naps, from soldiers to meerkats, each baby is completely different.


These types of babies like to lie on their backs with their arms by their sides and tend not to move from this position all night.


Usually, these babies like to sleep on their backs with all of their limbs spread out like a starfish. Putting them in this cute Starfish sleeping bag will keep them super cozy and warm!


Babies who sleep like logs usually sleep on one side with both arms by their sides. When these babies co-sleep, they tend to lie horizontally across the bed.


Meerkat babies usually wriggle around a lot in the night, often standing and moving around in an attempt to get comfortable.


Usually, yearning babies sleep on their side with their arms outstretched, as if reaching for you for a cuddle.


Whichever position your baby likes to sleep in, make sure they do it in style with some seriously cool badass baby clothing and accessories!

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