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How to Survive Road Trips with An Infant

Road Trip Survival Tips

Long road trips can be exhausting at the best of times, but when it comes to travelling with a new infant it certainly raises the stakes. It super easy to get caught up in the worry of how your baby will affect the trip. How will you keep them entertained? Will they cry the whole time? Should you just cancel your plans?

Luckily, there are a multitude of ways that you can manage taking your little one on a long trip, so don’t cancel any visits to friends and family anytime soon. Just follow these simple tips to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible:

Try to time it right – it will make a huge difference if you can manage to take most of the trip while your baby is sleeping. Either leaving super early in the morning or after their bedtime should mean that you get at least a few hours of quiet on your journey.

Plan some stops – pick out some family friendly places that you can stop by taking a look at your route and choosing them before you leave. If you can incorporate a playground for any older children this will allow them to burn off some steam before getting back into the car!

Pack entertainment – make sure you stock up on your baby’s favourite toys, stickers, and books and these will buy you valuable time when they have woken up! Keep them strategically placed so you can easily access them. If you have a tablet, load it up with plenty of cartoons and films to keep them occupied.

Make sure they are comfortable – being trapped in a car seat for hours on end can’t be much fun, so make sure they are as comfortable as possible by using a U-Pillow Headrest and Neck Support to keep them snug and safe.  

Good luck! Oh, and don’t forget the return journey! Arriving at your destination without any huge meltdowns is a great start, but remember that you will have to repeat the trip on your way home.

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