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How To Make Bath Time More Fun

Awesome Bath Time Activities

Kids tend to love bath time, but sometimes the same old toys and the same old games can get a bit boring. Your child might have even developed a fear of bath time or has simply just lost interest. If you find it more difficult to get your kids into the bath then perhaps it’s time to switch it up a bit and bring some new activities into their routine!

Check out these awesome ways of getting your child to love bath time again:

1. Paints

Watercolours are a great way to unleash your child’s creative side while being perfectly safe for use in the bath.

2. Puppet show

Next time your child is in the bath, use a couple of their favourite toys as puppets and put on a show for them to keep them entertained!

3. Alphabet soup

Collect up some plastic alphabet letters, put them in the bath water and practise ABCs by sending your child on a hunt for the next letter on the list.

4. Colored ice cubes

Freeze some water with a few drops of food colouring in an ice cube tray then drop them into the bath for your child to chase until they disappear.

5. Sponge Jenga

Try to balance all of the sponges on top of each other then take it in turns to remove them, whoever makes the tower fall over has to rebuild it!

6. New toys

Nothing says fun more than new bath toys! These Flashing Light Rubber Ducks will keep hour little one entertained for ages!

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