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How to Leave the House on Time with Kids

Awesome Tips to Leave the House on Time

Just when you have finally mastered the art of leaving the house with one child, along comes the second to turn this relatively simple task into an obstacle course of chaos!

Minutes turn into hours and before you know it, you are running seriously, seriously late. The act of packing up the car and getting out of the house can sometimes leave you so exhausted you wonder why you even wanted to go anywhere in the first place.

We get it! The idea of staying at home seems incredibly appealing when faced with such a monumental task.

But, it doesn’t have to be like this.

Try these hacks next time you want to leave the house on time:

• Routine

If there’s one thing children need more than food, water, and love it’s a routine. The comfort of knowing when they will be fed, rested, walked, and played means they can relax and the chances of a tantrum are minimized.

Make sure your children know the routine that comes with leaving the house so that it isn’t a shock to them when it happens.

• Pack your bag early

Your nappy bag is essentially your lifeline once you’re out of the house, so make sure you pack it as early as possible to make sure you don’t forget anything in the chaos of trying to leave.

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• Make time for eating and toilet stops before leaving

These are the two most essential parts of getting your children out of the house. Ensure your children have eaten and been to the toilet so that you can leave when you are hoping to.

• Plan around naps

There’s no point in loading up the car and trying to leave when your child is about to throw an almighty tantrum. Instead, plan your trip around when they are going to need to sleep so that you avoid any meltdowns.


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