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How to Keep Your Baby Entertained

Save Your Sanity by Using These Hacks

Some babies are happy to amuse themselves, while others can cry the minute they are put down.

This can make life tricky when it comes to getting things done, especially if you are taking a road trip or trying to get the dinner started.

Just use these top tips to keep your little one entertained without any fuss.


1. Use the bath

The tub is a great place to keep your little one while you’re doing your makeup or fixing your hair in the bathroom. Let them play with their bath toys as you get on with your beauty routine.


2. Apps

There are plenty of tablet and smartphone apps that are designed to keep your baby entertained, find one suitable for their age range and let them loose!


3. Hanging toys

For long car journeys, hanging stroller toys are a great way to keep your little on occupied. Simply tie to the handle of the car seat so that your baby can grab and rattle them.



4. Walkers

Once your little one is old enough, put them in a walker so that they are able to manoeuvre around the room safely. This should keep them occupied for some time!

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