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How to Child-Proof Your Car

Set Your Mind at Ease with These Top Tips

Any parent knows that safety is paramount when it comes to children.

You’ve got to have eyes in the back of your head to make sure they don’t end up in an accident, which is why it’s super important to cover ALL of your bases, including your car.

Sure, the car might seem like a relatively safe place, but there are plenty of hazards you need to take into account when child-proofing your vehicle.


  1. Engage child locks

All vehicles should come with a child lock on the rear passenger doors as standard. Locate the switch on the inside of the door and engage it so that the door cannot be opened from the inside.

This is essential for children who are able to reach the door handle from their seat! 


  1. Remove hazardous items

Take any poisonous or dangerous items such as de-icer, window scrapers, or other car paraphernalia out of the child’s reach and stow in the boot of the vehicle.


  1. Lock rear windows

To avoid having children play with the window switches, engage locks on the rear windows to make sure they do not have control over them.

This should prevent any nasty accidents and eliminates the possibility of your child getting caught in the window.


  1. Use a seatbelt vest

When your child has grown out of their car seat, it’s time to upgrade them to a secure seatbelt vest. This 5-point harness is suitable for children aged up to 10 years old and can easily be used in conjunction with a booster seat.

Suitable for all car types, this lightweight and efficient vest is also great for traveling on planes or buses.


It goes without saying that you should never leave your children in the vehicle unattended, even for a few minutes.

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