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Awesome Parenting Resolutions for 2018

Improve Your Parenting in 2018

A fresh new year is always a good time to start new habits, especially when it comes to parenting!

After all, a fresh new slate is perfect for wiping away any parenting mishaps that may have occurred over the last 12 months and set a new focus on positive parenting.

We might have the best intentions but sometimes it’s not so easy to implement them in the way we would like, so setting some resolutions for the brand-new year ahead is a great way to become a better, more present parent.

Reframe your vocabulary

Being a constant source of negative reminders can result in a less than ideal situation. Telling your children “don’t” or “no” all the time can mean that the words themselves lose value so when you need them to listen to a negative instruction they won’t hear it.

Reframing your vocabulary from “don’t do that” to “please be kinder to your sister” should create a more harmonious relationship between you and your children.

Turn your phone off

We are all guilty of spending too much time plugged into electronics, either catching up on work emails or spending precious time chatting with friends in the evening – but all of this focus on your phone means your child feels ignored.

Make a resolution to stop looking at your phone after work hours until your children have gone to bed. The more one-on-one time your child has with you the better, as it builds positive connections and reduces bad behavior.

Spend timeon you

Between school runs, making dinners, work, and trying to stay on top of massive amounts of housework, spending time on yourself is probably a distant memory. But, here’s the catch – well-balanced children need their parents to be happy.

That means taking time out for yourself, catching up with friends, exercising, eating properly, or spending time doing something that you love. Whatever it is that helps you to unwind and rebalance your mojo, make sure you make time to do it! Your children will reap the benefits of having a happy parent around.


However you choose to resolve your parenting in 2018, we hope that you have a super happy and productive year with your little ones!

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