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8 Top Tips for a Super Fun Bath Time

Have a Bath Time Ball with These Top Tips

Bath time is often one of the best parts of a child’s day, but when they are overtired or stressed then it can be challenging to get them in and out without any fuss.

But don’t worry, as there are plenty of ways that you can make the experience calm, relaxing, and enjoyable for everyone.

Just follow these ultimate tips for a fun bath experience that your baby will love:


    • Before you get started, prepare their sleeping environment by dimming the lights and making it cozy so that you can put them into bed after their bath.


    • Run the bath with warm water and use plenty of bubbles to make your child excited about getting in.


    • Make a game out of getting undressed – if they have a sibling you can get them to race to see who can get ready for their bath the fastest.


    • Sing some bath time songs with your child to help distract them.


    • Keep your tub stocked up with plenty of bath tub toys to entertain and inspire them with water play.


    • Ask your child to help you bath one of their toys to get them interested in being in the bath.


    • Gently let them know when it’s nearly time to come out and let them have a few more minutes before reminding them again.


    • Have something for them to look forward to at the end, such as a bedtime book or a warm bottle of milk.


Happy bathing!

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