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6 Reasons Why Having Twins is Awesome

Having Twins? You Lucky Thing!

Finding out you’re pregnant with twins might seem daunting, or even shocking, at first, but don’t worry! There are lots of reasons why having two babies is awesome.

Ok, so it’s going to be a little tough in the early stages, but these parts are definitely outweighed by the great things that happen when you have twins!

1. The two for the price of one deal is a pretty sweet one. If you don’t particularly enjoy pregnancy then at least you know you won’t have to do it again if you don’t want to! Sleepless nights can be over with in one go.

2. Another bonus of having two babies the same age is that you only have to create one routine. Simple!

3. They will share a bond that is insanely hard to replicate in any other relationship! This is great because it means they have an instant playmate and a friend for life.

4. You get double the love, hugs, and snuggles! What’s not to love about two little munchkins laughing and cuddling you at the same time?

5. Birthdays are much easier as they will only need one birthday cake and one birthday party once a year!

6. You will inevitably attract lots of attention and admirers of your beautiful twins! Enjoy the kindness of strangers who open doors and offer to help you carry your stroller.


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