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5 Essential Diaper-Changing Hacks

Make Those Nappies a Breeze!

Squirmy babies and unexpected poop explosions can present parents with a whole range of diaper challenges that can make changing time something to dread!

Whether you’re looking for ways to get the job done quickly or tips on how to make this a fun time for you and your baby, there are plenty of hacks that can make the experience go more smoothly for you both.


  1. Be prepared

Keep your diaper changing bag freshly stocked with the right size nappies, changes of clothes, and wet wipes that haven’t dried out to avoid any panics while you’re out and about.


  1. Distraction techniques

Lie your baby under a baby gym or put their favourite TV show on to distract them while you change their diaper.


  1. Think ahead

When it comes to changing little boys, you need to have that next diaper ready to go on as soon as the other one comes off to avoid any mishaps!


  1. Sing a song

Having a diaper song will encourage your little one to enjoy changing time as it will seem much more fun!


  1. Use a changing pad

Save yourself a whole bunch of mess and hassle by using a Clean Hands Changing Pad. All the benefits of a portable changing station plus a barrier to keep your little one’s hands away from the danger zone!


We hope these hacks make nappy time a happy time!

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