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4 Tips to Get Your Children to Play Outside

Ways to Get Your Kids Out in Nature

With so much technology around these days, it can sometimes be difficult for parents to get their children to go outside and get some fresh air. TVs, computers, tablets, and phones all provide kids with a distraction that few other generations have had to contend with, meaning that more and more children are spending their time doing sedentary tasks rather than physically moving.

This means that it is more important than ever for parents to encourage their children to get out as much as possible. Unstructured play outside for an hour a day is super beneficial for a child’s physical and mental well-being, but how do you get them to put down their electronics and go outside?

1. Be a role model

If you aren’t getting out and doing exercise, then reluctant children are going to be the first to point that out as a counter argument. Lead by example and show your children that having an active lifestyle is a priority.

2. Sign them up to classes

Once your child develops a passion or a physical hobby, getting them outside will be one of the easiest things on your parenting to-do list. Sign them up for classes in unusual activities, such as circus skills or parkour and watch how their passion overtakes their desire to play computer games.

3. Make it fun

If you’re going out for a family walk, make it more fun by drawing up a list of things for your children to find or by playing games such as hide and seek.

4. Use equipment

Introducing fun toys such as this Magic UFO Ball is a great way to get kids involved in an active game such as catch. The ball transforms into a Frisbee mid-flight and will keep any child entertained for hours!

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