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4 Hacks to Prevent Your Child from Getting Lost

Keep Your Child Safe in Public Places

There is nothing more frightening for both parents and children than being separated from each other in a public place. The fear of not knowing where your little one is can be so overwhelming that it is hard to keep a cool head and know where to start looking.

Of course, the best course of action is to prevent them from going missing in the first place. Try to incorporate these hacks next time you are heading out with your children to keep them close.


1. Have a plan

Before getting to your destination, make a plan with your child so that they are clear on where to go if they become separated from you. Teach them who to approach if they are lost as well as a safe meeting place to find you. 


2. Memorise vital information

Have your child memorise their address and your phone number using a rhyme or a memory game.


3. Dress brightly

Make sure your child is wearing bright, instantly recognizable clothes so that you can easily pick them out in a crowd.


4. Use a harness

To keep your child with you at all times have them wear a wrist harness – perfect for letting them have the freedom of running around while knowing that they are completely safe and attached to you!

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