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3 Tips for Using a Baby Sleeping Bag

New parents are faced with a whole bunch of choices that they never dreamed of having to make. After making it through the stroller selection, you are then faced with how and where your baby is going to sleep. Moses basket or crib? Pyjamas or sleepsuits? Sheets or blankets? It’s crazy!

Luckily, sleeping bags are one of the few things you don’t really have to think about.

It’s a no brainer. Not only do they remove some of the safety and temperature issues at bed time, but they are also super convenient as you can feed and change your baby in the middle of the night without having to take them out from under their warm blankets.


1. Clothing

As sleeping bags can come in different tog sizes, like a duvet, it can be tricky knowing what clothes to dress your little one in. The general rule of thumb is that if it is less than 18°C in the bedroom then your baby will need a sleepsuit underneath the sleeping bag. Anything over that and they might be ok with a vest and pyjamas.


2. Size

Usually babies can start to use sleeping bags when they have reached more than 8.8lbs, which can be from around the 6-week mark. Before that it is possible to swaddle your baby to keep them snug and secure at night.


3. Quantity

Believe us when we say that you are going to need more than one sleeping bag! There’s nothing worse than having to do a late-night change only to realise that there isn’t a spare sleeping bag.

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