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3 Tips for Using a Baby Sleeping Bag

New parents are faced with a whole bunch of choices that they never dreamed of having to make. After making it through the stroller selection, you are then faced with how and where your baby is going to sleep. Moses basket or crib? Pyjamas or sleepsuits? Sheets or blankets? It’s crazy! Luckily, sleeping bags are one of the few things you don’t really have to think about. It’s a no brainer. Not only do they remove some of the safety and temperature issues at bed time, but they are also super convenient as you can feed and change your baby in the middle of the night without having to take them out from under their warm blankets.   1. Clothing...

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How to Keep Your Baby Entertained

Save Your Sanity by Using These Hacks Some babies are happy to amuse themselves, while others can cry the minute they are put down. This can make life tricky when it comes to getting things done, especially if you are taking a road trip or trying to get the dinner started. Just use these top tips to keep your little one entertained without any fuss.   1. Use the bath The tub is a great place to keep your little one while you’re doing your makeup or fixing your hair in the bathroom. Let them play with their bath toys as you get on with your beauty routine.   2. Apps There are plenty of tablet and smartphone apps that...

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8 Top Tips for a Super Fun Bath Time

Have a Bath Time Ball with These Top Tips Bath time is often one of the best parts of a child’s day, but when they are overtired or stressed then it can be challenging to get them in and out without any fuss. But don’t worry, as there are plenty of ways that you can make the experience calm, relaxing, and enjoyable for everyone. Just follow these ultimate tips for a fun bath experience that your baby will love:   Before you get started, prepare their sleeping environment by dimming the lights and making it cozy so that you can put them into bed after their bath.   Run the bath with warm water and use plenty of bubbles to...

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4 Hacks to Prevent Your Child from Getting Lost

Keep Your Child Safe in Public Places There is nothing more frightening for both parents and children than being separated from each other in a public place. The fear of not knowing where your little one is can be so overwhelming that it is hard to keep a cool head and know where to start looking. Of course, the best course of action is to prevent them from going missing in the first place. Try to incorporate these hacks next time you are heading out with your children to keep them close.   1. Have a plan Before getting to your destination, make a plan with your child so that they are clear on where to go if they become...

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Top Tips for Errands Done with an Infant

Get Things Done Even with A Baby in Tow! When you plan to have a baby, one of the last things you think about is how you will actually get things done after they are born. Many women end up stuck inside the house under a pile of laundry, waiting for the “right” moment to venture outside. But it doesn’t have to be like this! There are plenty of ways to get errands done even with a baby in tow.   Start small Night time feeds, long days spent caring for your little one, and recovery from labour can really eat into your time. To get back on top of your errands, start with one small task while your baby...

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